Host a Backyard Bonfire This Fall!

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The cool evening air of Spring and Fall makes them an excellent time to host a backyard bonfire. Make it a family night, or invite a few friends and neighbors to join in on the fun.

Know the Rules
Laws vary by county and state, so check the rules and weather conditions in your desired area before planning your bonfire and remember to always be considerate of your neighbors.

Stick with Firewood
Plenty of things can burn, but that doesn’t mean they should be burned. Paper and cardboard create a lot of smoke, floating embers, and ink fumes. Wooden pallets, particle board, painted wood, plastic, and trash all contain chemicals that are toxic when burned. Stick with regular firewood to keep your fire as safe as possible.

Safe Placement
Keep your bonfire small, around 3ft x 3ft max, and contained. Ensure it is a safe distance from all flammable materials including trees and fences. Legally your fire must be more than 25 feet from your house or vehicle, and 10 feet from your neighborhood. Set a bucket of water or active hose nearby to quench any rogue sparks or flames.

Create the Cozy
Staring at a fire is nice by itself, but it’s even more fun with snacks and atmosphere! Stage your bonfire area with outdoor chairs, blankets, and long skewers. Pack a cooler with drinks and set up your s’mores supplies on top. Throw on a few tunes, leave your devices inside, and enjoy the little paradise you’ve created.

Put it All the Way Out
At the end of the night, use a spade to spread out the remaining wood and embers so they cool. Gently pour a bucket of water over the embers and turn away to avoid inhaling any smoke. Stay until the fire has been completely extinguished and no embers remain.

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