October Home Care Tips

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Home Improvement

WINTER IS COMING, so here are some fall tips to keep your home in top shape. This month, be sure to complete these with simple tasks:

  1. Replace or clean your furnace filter.
  2. Clean filters for kitchen exhaust fans.
  3. Check gutters for excess leaves and debris.
  4. Drain outside faucets and winterize your sprinkler system.
  5. Check your driveway for cracks. Fill cracks and reseal as needed.
  6. Cover your air conditioner and/or remove any window units.
  7. Reverse your ceiling fans to help blow warm air down from the ceiling throughout the room.
  8. Drain approximately 2 gallons from water heater to eliminate sediment.
  9. Pass a lit candle around doors and windows to check for drafts. Weather strip as necessary.

And don't forget to ENJOY your fall while it lasts.

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